Aplacare brings AI to clinical workflows, saving lives and saving money.
Getting the right data to the right place at the right time.

Intelligent Automation

Workflow Optimization &

Value-Based Care Enablement

Increases Quality of Care &  Controls Costs

Architecture engine

Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Engine

Powers a Robust, Stable, & Built to Scale

Framework for Smart, Secure Data

360 Collaboration

Communicate & Cooperate

Across the Care Ecosystem to Drive

Higher Quality Care at a Lower Cost


Aplacare's Virtual Caire

We provide an AI-enabled clinical informatics platform.

Aplacare’s tools empower healthcare providers to innovate their clinical operations and automate care for patients by data mining and artificial intelligence (AI) clinical applications. Turning value-based healthcare into a real business model enables process improvements and financial risk management across the continuum of care. This boosts quality of care for patients, lowers cost outcomes and improves profitability in a changing market.


Next Steps...

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